Chocolate For Beauty

 Chocolate for Beauty

 Brown ( chocolate ) is indeed a lot of fare better. Although, the content of sugar contained fix chocolate may heighten weight loss, tooth decay, or evident authority model to diabetes. However, the chocolate itself contains myriad excellent things that are salutary to the body. Chocolate contains antioxidants that obligation maintain passion health, lowers pink pressure and moment terms of the human judgment, chocolate obligation generate emotions of relaxation. But veritable is further salutary to the comeliness of chocolate. How the benefits of chocolate for beauty?

For beauty, chocolate can help to enhance beauty. The content contained in chocolate has many benefits for the skin, for example, serves to maintain softness, moisturizes, tightens and smooths skin. Chocolate can also slow the aging of the skin, including the prevention of wrinkles on the face.

Making chocolate mask can be done at home. For you who want to try using chocolate for your face, can try the following ways:

  • Material:
     Dark chocolate (high cocoa content), white powder milk (full cream), salt
  • Method:
         - Melt chocolate
         - Mix all ingredients in chocolate that has melted and stir well
         - Refrigerate until it reaches room temperature
         - Apply on face for 15-30 minutes

Milk and salt can also be replaced with butter, sugar and honey if you want to provide moisture and antiseptic effect on the face.

For the skin, you can make chocolate soap. How to brew white milk mixed with chopped chocolate until the chocolate melts, then can be mixed or poured liquid soap in the bathtub.

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