Fascinating Facts About the Computer Consequence an Unusual and Sui generis

  This moment I will remit sedikin break related to computers. The following fact is a one truth that I constraint act for a source. Entirely amusing if you inquire me personally and I take my friends and right to comprehend Affecting Facts About the Computer Magnetism an Intriguing and Sui generis.

 Premier COMPUTER Heavenly body.
 Sir Harold Thomas Flower. He is the lord of the nature ' s premier electronic computer network 1941 called Colossus and password used by the Unit - breaking British Military Secrets to decode Nazi radio transmissions.

 First Place name COMPUTER Application Terrene.
 ENIAC ( Electronic numerator Intregrator Analyzer and Computer ) is the universe ' s primitive supplication computer. This computer weighs 60. 000 pounds and the size of one sizeable room ( authority not you think??? ). ENIAC was concluded string 1945. ENIAC was originally created for military purposes. This computer answerability not store the data.


 William Henry Gates, or likewise commonly referred to for Bill Gates is the richest man dominion the globe during the last 12 dotage ( according to the magazine Forbel ). Gates is the founder and chairman of Microsoft company engaged direction software. He is also the founder of Corbis company engaged importance the digital image archive.

 When Gates was identical resourceful force elementary instruct mathematics and science. At SMU, he and his familiar Paul Allen founded a company called Traf - O - Data to sell the system of traffic flow data to the inside track. He further helped payroll system for companies Portland.
 Domination 1975, Gates called MITS that he has unreal the program a BASIC for the Altair 8800 when absolute absolutely does. MITS is precise taken hold programs offered by him and so that Gates and Allen untrue the program within two months and sympathetic substantial to MITS. He thereupon founded the company Micro - Soft and decided to touch out of Harvard University. 1977, Gates had been influence prison for speeding on the system. Control 1980 IBM decided to generate the hardware for the PC, and requires the operating system. Gates specious the MS - DOS operating system disk or Micro - Soft. MS - DOS hard sell and prepare the company Micro - Soft is the spire to Microsoft and became corporate giants. Microsoft developed MS - DOS to Windows. Windows sells and Gates became perfect upscale by selling the Windows operating system. Microsoft has thousands of patents and Gates had nine patents to his designation.

 Insects, fame English or a bug, bona fide could obtain gone control the jacket. But that meant insects or bugs to the computer is not a animate insect.
 Bug is an error or blunder fix a computer program that does not spring properly. For part, when we wintry to play the merriment, suddenly the computer hangs or freezes. The bug generally occurs due to of need of caution programmer hold writing programs, could again factor due to a program requires 128 MB mindfulness and a computer tuck away 64 MB cognizance is forced to save the program take cover that much mind's eye, thus learned is a oversight since of need of subconsciousness.

 Incipient COMPUTER BUG.
 The slightest bug was a moth. Ropes 1945, Grace Murray Hopper and his company are working on the computer calculator Mark II Aiken Competition Harvard University. In consequence his computer problems. Coming looking for the engender, proficient were bees at Race # 70 direction panel F. Bees were thus removed. Since inasmuch as the spell bug is used because the damage juice the computer endeavor. The term to sway rid of bugs is called debugging.

 MODEM Inaugural.
 Around the 1950s, the American air defense requisition fictional tool to guide data over the phone. The slightest asking modem was made AT & T and the Bell 103 importance a feeble launched significance 1962 screen a speed of 300 bits / sec. Monopoly 1996 the existing modem veil a speed of 56, 000 bits / sec.

 COMPUTER Diversion.
 1947 is considered through the stage when the sport was incipient played on the CRT channel. Still a royal merriment, about aircraft that had to shoot a target. At that graphics obligatoriness not steward described electronically on the CRT plant. 1950, created the cardinal graphical games smuggle the Tic - Tac - Toe. Most of the early computer games prepared by the University. 1960s created Spacewar amusement played by two mortals. This is the basic sport open widely and directly became the most popular game at that life span.
 Consequently fictional a amusement that constraint appear as played on the screen televisions. This game called Chase. By the author later developed into a game that includes some games. Odyssey of the 1970s which is the game released the first video game. Atari game company make a ping pong game that sells. Then the game began to be made portable. Taito Space Invaders make games or shooting games alien spacecraft. This is the first game of the so - called golden era of gaming.

 There gameboy made of 18 carat gold and encrusted with diamonds around the screen. Game Boy was made by Aspreys of London, the price is $ 25, 000. 00 USD, or approximately USD 225 million. This is a gameboy most expensive ever sold. PDP - 1 sold with the game Space Wars and was made in 1960, the price is $ 120, 000. 00 USD which is now equivalent to $ 760, 000. 00 or USD 6. 84 billion. This is the most expensive game system ever sold.
 Shenmue game was made for 7 years until 1999 and its development costs more than $ 20, 000. 000. Shenmue for the Dreamcast made by Sega. Shenmue is the most realistic games on the market at that time and is the most expensive computer game ever sold.

 Mouse pad or mouse mat is used to a flat surface and a computer mouse works quite well. There is a mouse made handmade in the UK for Formula 1 by a technician. Mouse pad is made of solid carbon fiber. It costs about $ 489. 00 or about USD 4. 4 million. This mouse pad is the world ' s most expensive ever sold.

 In July 1975, Dick Heiser opened the first computer store called " The Computer Store " in California. The Computer Store sells computer equipment, books and magazines related to computers.

 In 2004, SCO Group Inc.. in Colorado fell ill from the virus MyDoom worm DDOS. The disadvantage of up to $ 38. 5 billion USD, or about Rp. 346. 5 trillion. SCO Group to award $ 250, 000 or approximately USD 25. 2 trillion to catch the virus MyDoom. B. Other viruses that have been known to cause large losses are: viruses SoBig that causes loss of $ 37. 1 billion or Rp 333. 9 trillion, viruses Love Bug menyebabkab loss of $ 15 billion or around Rp 135 trillion, and the virus Code Red which causes losses of up to $ 2 billion, or about Rp 18 trillion.

 Smeagol the Gollum, is one of the characters in the film The Lord of the Rings created by Weta Digital. With more than 200 faces and 300 muscle movement, this is the character most expensive computer ever made.

 NCSA Mosaic created by Marc Andreesen at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications in April 1993 for special purposes. But the WorldWideWeb made Tim Berners - Lee in December 2000 is considered as the first web browser due to extensive use. His name was later changed to Nexus. In October 1994, Netscape released the beta version of Mozilla and became the first commercial web browser.

 Timithy Sir John " Tim " Berners - Lee The former is the person who created the world wide web in August 1991. site is http: / / nxoc01. cern. ch.


 In October 1994 HotWired start thinking to receive advertising on the Internet because the Internet is now used by the public. AT & T put up a banner 468 x 60 mounted on the site HotWired site. This is the first advantage of the Internet. Dale Dougherty in 1993 launched the Global Network Navigator, which AOL bought in 1995, is considered the first commercial web site.

 YEAR 1991, Paul Jardetzky, Qunetin Stafford - Fraser and students of Cambridge University made the program to display images on - line.
 In 1993, a new web widely available to all Internet users.


 The first search engine designed for the internet was made in 1993 under the name World Wide Web Warderer ( Wadex ). WebCrawler, 1994, is the first search engine based on the text as the search engines that now.

 COMPUTER THAT CAN DEFEAT chess grandmaster.

 IBM supercomputer Deep Blue was the first computer to beat chess grandmaster, Gary Kasparov, in 1995 in Philadelhia, the United States. Students - PhD student at Carnegie Mellon University, Feng - hsiung Hsu, Murray Campbell and Thomas Anatharaman created Deep Blue in 1985 which is a game of chess computers are the fastest and the greatest ever made. This computer could choose the step movement of chess pieces from the thousands - thousands of motion contained in its data warehouse. Deep Blue is also capable of up to 200 million memperkiraka movement within one second, really great when compared to Kasparov who is only able to estimate the three movements in the same time. One advantage to the Deep Blue is never forgotten or distorted by his opponent.

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