Put An End To Acne Right Now

 To minimize and treat your acne use a daily maintenance program that is natural. Acne is a chronic genetic and hormonal condition that can last for years, but if you use a natural treatment that works to correct the source of your acne it can not only treat the blemishes you have, but also future outbreaks you don ' t have yet.

 Ask your primary care physician for a prescription for antibiotics such as Tetracycline. If over - the - counter treatments and not helping your acne, you may need a stronger medication. Antibiotics can kill P. acne bacterium, the bacteria that cause acne. Be aware that oral antibiotics can make your skin extremely sensitive to sunlight.

 It is essential that you exfoliate your skin instead of just cleaning it. Exfoliation is the removal of dead skin cells and other buildup in order for the growth of new skin cells to occur and a bright complexion to show forth. Exfoliation is key when considering how to properly take care of your skin and reduce the appearance of acne.

 If you have very bad acne on your back, do not use a towel to rub the skin dry after a shower. Vigorously rubbing the skin can cause further inflammation on your back and spread bacteria around causing further acne outbreaks on parts of the skin that are currently unaffected by the condition. It is best to gently pat the skin dry with a clean, heavy - duty, cotton towel.

 Put a new towel over your pillow every night to prevent acne. As trivial as this may seem, it is effective. When you sleep on a pillow, germs and bacteria from your hair get on it and this can cause acne. Changing the towel over the pillow every night can help prevent the spread of these germs and bacteria.

 Make a paste out of sea salt and water then apply it to the affected area and leave overnight. This is a great acne treatment because salt is a natural antiseptic and can eliminate the bacteria on your skin that is causing the acne outbreaks. Salt also has a drying action so make sure you apply moisturizer onto your skin in the morning.

 If topical acne medication is not working, try light treatments. There is evidence that medical grade blue LED light can kill acne bacteria, while red LED light can reduce inflammation. Used in combination, these two LED lights can be an effective acne treatment. Unfortunately, several light treatment sessions are required and the costs can be expensive.

 Devour foods rich in zinc. Zinc, like many types of vitamins, is integral in skin care because it acts as an anti - bacterial agent. This means that the bacterium that infects your pores and produces blockages is often times unable to infect, or germinate within your skin. One zinc supplement a day should provide a sufficient amount of defense, enough to reduce acne.

 The scourge of acne is something that has harmed the self esteem of countless individuals. It is important to realize, however, that the suffering need not continue. By using these tips, you can gain an understanding of how best to fight acne, and experience the joy of clear skin in no time.

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